The Rules (Read these before posting)

Our few simple rules. Read them before posting here.
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The Rules (Read these before posting)

Post by admin » Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:40 pm

1. Don’t be a jackass.
The Golden Rule is a good rule. If you’re not familiar with it, Google it. Treat other posters as you would like to be treated. You may have to agree to disagree. People on the internet are sometimes wrong and sometimes it could even be you. Don’t be a jackass about it.

2. No Spamming
Don’t post links to forums, websites or other places that you have a commercial interest in all over the forum. You wanna tell us about your cool new site, pick a category and make one thread about it.

3. No Trolling or Flaming
Don’t post just to get a rise out of people or be argumentative. Try to keep criticisms constructive and keep rule number 1 in mind.

4. Proofread Your Posts
Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation make everyones posts easier to read. No-one likes a grammar nazi and neither do we, but try to make your posts readable. Put in a paragraph once in a while and try to limit the use of txt, l33t and other such speak.

5. Stay on Topic
Conversations naturally wander but try to stay on the topic of the original post. If you feel that a new subject needs to be discussed in more depth, start a new thread.

6. Do not encourage or promote illegal activity.
Laws vary from place to place. Know your laws and don’t assume your situation applies to other posters. Discussion of illegal activities can be useful in an educational sense, encouraging someone to break the law is not. Be smart and think before you speak.

7. No Porn
The forum is accessible to everyone. If your picture is Not Safe For Work (NSFW) then it shouldn’t be posted here. This includes avatars. Bikini type photos are allowed in Off Topic only and you still need to use a little common sense.

8. No political or Religious Quotes or Images in Signature Lines
We do allow discussion of these topics in the Politics and Religion Group, however not everyone agrees with your point of view or beliefs so those two topics must stay in the Politics and Religion category, not in your sig line.

9. Profanity
Profanity has it’s place and we recognize this. It’s is allowed to some degree on the forum, however if you are using the F-Bomb every other word or if people complain about it you can expect a Mod to slap your pee pee. Use common sense.

We have a few simple rules and allow more than many forums do. Don’t abuse the rules and don’t be a jackass. If you have a problem with the rules or anything else forum related PM any of the Moderators.

Thanks for helping keep the forum clean, organized and easy to read.