Tornadoes and hills - Research findings

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Tornadoes and hills - Research findings

Post by MrFleman » Mon Oct 21, 2013 4:12 pm

I wanted to post a link to this research article from the University of Arkansas regarding computer modeling and tornadoes. ... hind-hills

The general findings from this research indicate the leeward side of large hills may provide an area of some safety. The findings are dependent on the size of the hill relative to the size of the vortex. I won't go into the mathematical hoopla, but I thought this research may be useful for those like me who keep on hiking and camping despite the four-month long tornado watch we have in Kansas. This may also have implications for those building temporary or even permanent sheltering options in tornado prone areas.

As pointed out in this article, an earlier study revealed, "whenever possible, tornadoes tend to climb toward higher elevations rather than going downhill. They also reported that when a region is surrounded by hills, tornadoes skip or hop over valleys beneath and between these hills, and damage is noticed only on the top of the hills."

It's not a lot of information, and it may not be new information to some on this forum, but every shred helps when a crisis hits!

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Re: Tornadoes and hills - Research findings

Post by Blackthorn-USA » Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:07 pm

Interesting and some good advice. Living right here in the middle of tornado alley underground housing makes alot of sense to me. From a safety and economical viewpoint. Thanks for the link.
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