Commonly Used Acronyms

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Commonly Used Acronyms

Post by Blackthorn-USA » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:47 pm

Figure out just WTF we're talking about around here ;)

ACU - Army Combat Uniform
AED - Automated External Defibrillator
AHTF - Already Hit The Fan
ALICE - All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
Ammo - Ammunition
APC - Armored Personnel Carrier
AWB - Assault Weapons Ban

BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle
BDU - Battle Dress Uniform
BHO - Bolt Hold Open
BIL - Bug In Location (Wherever you would stay if not bugging out)
BO - Bug Out, Bail Out, Bugging Out
BOAT - Bug Out Altoids Tin
BOB - Bug Out Bag
BOL - Bug Out Location
BOV - Bug Out Vehicle
BOVT - Bug Out Vehicle Trailer
BTW - By The Way
BUG - Backup Gun
Bump – A common way to bring a thread to the top of the list.

Camo - Camouflage
CB - Citizen Band Radio
CCW - Concealed Carry Weapon
CCL - Concealed Carry License
CERT - Communication Emergency Response Team
CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program
Commo - Communications
CQB - Close Quarters Combat

DA - Double Action
DAO - Double Action Only
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
DIY - Do It Yourself
DOD - Department of Defense

E&E - Escape and Evasion
E-Tool - Entrenching Tool
EDC - Every Day Carry
EMP - Electro-Magnetic Pulse
EOTW – End of the World
EMS - Emergency Medical Services
EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
ESL - English as a Second Language

FA - First Aid
FAK - First Aid Kit
FAIK - For All I Know
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FFL - Federal Firearms License
FMJ - Full Metal Jacket
FML – F#ck My Life
FOB - Forward Operating Base
FRS - Family Radio Service
FUBAR – F#cked Up Beyond All Repair
FWIW - For What Its Worth

GOOD - Get Out of Dodge (Same as Bugging Out)
GHB - Get Home Bag
GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GPS - Global Positioning System

HBAR - Heavy Barrel (rifle)
HCW - Health Care Worker
HHS - Department of Health and Human Services
HP - Hollow Point (bullet)
HQ - Head Quarters

IFAK - Improved First Aid Kit or Individual First Aid Kit
IIRC - If I Remember Correctly
IMAO - In My Arrogant Opinion
IMO - In My Opinion
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
INCH - I'm Never Coming Home (bag)

JHP - Jacketed Hollow Point
JK - Just Kidding
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

LBE - Load Bearing Equipment
LBV - Load Bearing Vest
LDS - Latter Day Saints (Mormons)
LEO - Law Enforcement Officer
LMAO – Laughing My Ass Off

MBR - Main Battle Rifle
MOLLE - Modular pouches that fit a LBE/LBV/Pack
MRE - Meal Ready to Eat
MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheet
MSM - Main Stream Media
MURS - Multi-Use Radio Service

NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical
NRA - National Rifle Association
NVG - Night Vision Goggles
NPAW - Not Apocalyptic World

OPSEC - Operational Security
OTOH - On The Other Hand
OP - Original Poster

PAW - Post Apocalyptic World
PC - Politically Correct
PCC - Pistol Caliber Carbine
POE - Peace on Earth
POI - Point of Impact
POS - Piece of Shit
POTUS - President of the United States
PPE - Personal Protective Equipment (refers to mask, gloves, goggles, etc)
PSK - Personal Survival Kit

QFT - Quote For Truth

ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO - Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade, Roll Playing Game

SBR - Short Barreled Rifle
SBS - Short Barreled Shotgun
SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, & Escape
SHTF - Shit Hits The Fan
SIP - Shelter in Place
SNAFU - Situation Normal, All F#cked Up
Snarky - Bitchy
SSDD - Same Shit, Different Day

TARFU - Things Are Really F#cked Up
TEOCAWKI - The End of Civilization As We Know It
TEOTWAWKI - The End of the World As We Know It
TIA - Thanks in advance
TPTB - The Powers That Be
TSHTF - The Shit Hits the Fan


VOK - Ventilated Operator Kit

WCS - Worst Case Scenario
WTF- What the F#ck
WTH -What the Hell
WTSHTF - When the Shit Hits the Fan
WROL - Without Rule of Law



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