Offgrid and Recoil Magazines

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Offgrid and Recoil Magazines

Post by makings06 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:24 pm

Thought I would share these two amazing magazines.

Since "prepping" seems to be gaining mainstream popularity, I always check the magazine section at Wal-Mart every random time I happen to find myself there. Last summer, I just was lucky enough to see the first issue of OffGrid. Now, as some TEOTWAWKI magazines seem to be cheap and not well thought out, this one is by far my favorite. They have some very informative, and interesting articles. For example, in their first issue, they write an article about a scenario where the author has only $100 in his pocket when the balloon goes up. So as quickly as possible, he buys everything useful he can find. He does this test at a Wal-Mart type store, Dollar General type store, and a typical gas station or truck stop. The article is very interesting and gets you thinking pretty hard.

Anyway, as of right now, OffGrid is only seasonal. However, their frequency seems to be picking up and I suspect it will become monthly or bi-monthly very quickly. OffGrid is a spin off of the Recoil magazine. Recoil is a gun magazine that has the prepper/sheepdog/warfighter etc. in mind. I like my gun mags, and everyone has their own taste. I like Recoil the best because it has more of a prepper/tatical kind of approach. One thing I really like about Recoil, is their new PT section, since I am a bit of a fitness fan. Pat McNamara is the writer of that section and he is a 23 year ex Delta Force veteran. I like his articles because he talks about practical fitness training, instead of seeing how many of x weight you can pump out within y time, which seems to be the fad these days.

These magazines are available usually at Wal-Mart, or where ever magazines are sold (seen at view at some gas stations). This is the most expensive magazine that I am subscribed to (Recoil is the only one you can actually subscribe to, which I believe includes the new Offgrids), but it is the toughest magazine I have ever seen. The cover is some weird texture that makes me think it is partially plastic or something. (A survival magazine that will actually survive, go figure!)
You can subscribe here: ... ode=I8ABNN

Get back issues here (the back issues of OffGrid are worth it! There are 3 of them now): ... zineId=330

Digital versions are available too.

Just thought I would share my favorite two magazines! Hope this helps!

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