Weapon Deployment/Retention Course Auburn KS June 15 $50

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Weapon Deployment/Retention Course Auburn KS June 15 $50

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F.I.R.E. Defensive Skills LLC
The Defense Institute’s John Petrone

F.I.R.E. Defensive Skills LLC welcomes John Petrone! Mr. Petrone will be conducting his Defense Institute's Control Tactics And Threat Elimination (D.I.C.T.A.T.E.) Weapon Deployment/Weapon Retention Course.

When: June 15th 9am - 1pm Cost: $50

Location: Auburn Community Center. 121 W 11th St, Auburn, KS 66402.

To attend, please contact Gary at 785-806-1881, or email him at: firedefensiveskills@hotmail.com

During the four hours of hands on instruction, Mr. Petrone will cover the deployment of: Collapsible Baton, Edged Weapon, Firearm, or whatever tool you choose for personal protection.

This course will teach you the most realistic way to:
* Deploy your chosen carry weapon in a close quarters environment.
* Maintain control of your weapon in a street situation.
* Lethal and non-lethal options.

This course originally designed for Special Operations Forces carrying concealed.

Equipment: Clothes you're comfortable moving around in. Training handgun with holster (concealment if possible), training knife if possible, eye protection.

Please direct any questions about this course to Gary Williams. Payments can be made the day of class.

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