How to find ammo at WalMart

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How to find ammo at WalMart

Post by Jer » Mon Apr 01, 2013 8:10 am

Easy tip on scoring ammo from Wal-Mart. This works.

You can find the free Walmart app on android market or iTunes. And these are what I learned so far while using it.

1. When it shows the ammo is in stock, it means several things. As soon as the ammo is scanned at the main warehouse, it shows its in stock. That means the ammo is anywhere from the main warehouse, on a truck and being still transported to your Walmart. Or, it's sitting in the back of the stockroom at your Walmart (in pallets) and not taken out to the floors yet. Or, shady employees are hiding it so they can buy it later.

2. Walmart is the most efficient and has the most advance inventory management in the world. If the employees are telling you different about the app, then they are misinformed or wrong. There are too many coincidence where I went to the Walmart that showed "in stock" and it was there. And too many times, after I buy the last box, 10-30 mins later, it shows "out of stock".

The other day, I went to one of the Walmart early to pick up some 22lrs that shows in stock early in the morning. Was told by the worker there that they didn't get any shipment in that morning. I stated otherwise...... manager even came to me and stated the same thing. Instead of arguing, I left to hit up other Walmart. Came back 1 hr later (app still showing its in stock), sure enough........ after I left, 20 mins later, they brought out that night's ammo shipment. Same again with Walmart #2. Worker and manager there swore there was no shipment. But according to the app, the ammo that shows "in stock". changed to "out of stock" by 10am.

3. When it shows "limited stock", it means there are only 1-3 boxes left.

4. Find out when your Walmart start selling their ammo. Usually the ammo shipment arrives in the evening and they wont start selling it until the morning. Mine is usually around 7-8am. Every Walmart runs different. Some have 3 box limit, some has 1 box limit, some open at 7am, some sell ammo all night. I usually check the inventories at night and plan which Walmart to hit in the mornings. Usually the app gets really busy around 6-8am and might crash.
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