Fenix PD32

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Fenix PD32

Post by makings06 » Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:01 pm

Thought I would review my favorite flashlight since I was on the subject of my favorite gear.

I rarely ever take a Chinese knockoff over a USA made original. I was in the market for a tough, waterproof, compact tactical flashlight for my EDC (everyday carry) that wouldn't break the bank. You can easily spend upwards of $200 or more on one. After a bunch of research, I kept coming back to a flashlight made by a Chinese company called Fenix. I almost didn't buy this flashlight because I am so "Buy American" hardcore. But for the price, I figured I could risk it. I'm glad I did!

This light is in the $65 range but performs like a much more expensive SureFire, Streamlight, or Insight. It even has some features that others do not. It has 3 brightness settings, with the high output being 340 lumens! I can use this thing as a little spotlight and light up most of a pasture with this little guy. However, the batteries only last 2.5 hours at the highest settings (its so bright I RARELY use it) I usually use the lowest setting. It also has a panic button that will do a very blinding, very fast strobe. Hold the panic button down for a few more seconds, and it flashes a SOS in morse code.

I have now had this for two years and it is one tough little guy. I have only had to change the batteries in it once. I now have several of them. I use this thing every night at work. If you are looking for an EDC pocket flashlight, at least consider this one!

http://www.fenixlighting.com/products/f ... light.aspx

On Amazon:
http://www.amazon.com/Fenix-PD32-Compac ... pd32+light

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